Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan is a captivating destination that beckons  travelers with its unique blend of cultural richness and pristine natural beauty. Among the various enchanting locales within this mountainous kingdom, Paro and Thimphu stand out as two gems offering an immersive experience into Bhutanese history, tradition, and landscapes. This article delves into a comprehensive exploration of Paro and Thimphu, unraveling the distinct charm and allure each destination holds for those seeking an authentic Bhutanese adventure.

Paro: Gateway to Bhutan's Past

 Historical Landmarks:

  Paro, with its lush green valleys and panoramic views of the Himalayas, is home to several historical landmarks. The iconic Paro Taktsang, or Tiger's Nest Monastery, clings to the cliffs above the Paro Valley, providing a breathtaking sight. This sacred site holds immense cultural and spiritual significance and is a testament to Bhutanese architecture and devotion.

  Rinpung Dzong:

  Another architectural marvel in Paro is Rinpung Dzong, a fortress-monastery that showcases Bhutanese art and craftsmanship. The dzong serves as a vibrant cultural hub, hosting religious festivals like the Paro Tsechu, which provides an opportunity for visitors to witness traditional dances, mask performances, and religious rituals.

  National Museum of Bhutan:

  The National Museum of Bhutan, located in Paro, is a treasure trove of Bhutanese artifacts, art, and history. Visitors can explore exhibits that narrate the kingdom's journey from ancient times to the present day, offering valuable insights into Bhutan's unique cultural identity.

  Paro Town:

  Paro town, with its traditional architecture and friendly locals, provides a glimpse into everyday Bhutanese life. Strolling through the markets, visitors can shop for authentic Bhutanese handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs, immersing themselves in the vibrant local culture.

Thimphu: Capital of Happiness

  Tashichho Dzong:

  As the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu is a blend of modernity and tradition. Tashichho Dzong, an imposing fortress at the heart of the city, serves as the seat of the Bhutanese government. Its intricate architecture and serene surroundings make it a must-visit destination.

  Buddha Dordenma Statue:

  Standing tall at 169 feet, the Buddha Dordenma Statue is a majestic representation of Lord Buddha overlooking the Thimphu Valley. This colossal statue is not only a symbol of peace but also offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and cityscape.

  Changangkha Lhakhang:

  This ancient temple, perched on a ridge above Thimphu, is dedicated to the protective deity Tamdrin. Pilgrims and visitors alike can experience the tranquility of the temple and enjoy stunning vistas of the city below.

  Folk Heritage Museum:

  To delve deeper into Bhutanese culture, the Folk Heritage Museum in Thimphu is an excellent resource. It showcases traditional Bhutanese artifacts, tools, and exhibits, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of the Bhutanese people.

Cultural Experiences:

  Traditional Bhutanese Cuisine:

  A visit to Bhutan is incomplete without savoring its unique culinary offerings. Paro and Thimphu boast a variety of traditional restaurants where visitors can indulge in Bhutanese dishes such as Ema Datshi (chili and cheese stew) and momo (dumplings).

  Archery, Bhutan's National Sport:

  Archery holds a special place in Bhutanese culture, and visitors can witness or even participate in archery competitions held in both Paro and Thimphu. It's a fantastic opportunity to engage with locals and experience the camaraderie surrounding this national sport.

  Traditional Bhutanese Festivals:

  Depending on the time of the visit, travelers may have the chance to witness vibrant festivals. Paro Tsechu, Thimphu Tsechu, and other regional celebrations showcase traditional dances, religious rituals, and elaborate mask performances.

Natural Beauty and Adventure:

  Hiking and Trekking:

  Both Paro and Thimphu offer excellent opportunities for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. The Paro Taktsang trek is a highlight, while Thimphu boasts scenic trails like the Dochula Pass trek, providing breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

  Nature Reserves and Parks:

  Nature lovers can explore the diverse flora and fauna in the region. The Jigme Dorji National Park near Thimphu and the Chele La Nature Reserve near Paro offer serene environments for bird-watching and enjoying Bhutan's unspoiled natural beauty.


In conclusion, a tour of Paro and Thimphu is a gateway to the heart and soul of Bhutan. From the historical richness of Paro to the vibrant capital city of Thimphu, visitors are treated to an immersive experience that encapsulates Bhutanese culture, spirituality, and natural wonders. Whether exploring ancient monasteries, indulging in local cuisine, or embarking on scenic hikes, the journey through Paro and Thimphu is a tapestry of moments that linger in the memory, making it a truly enriching and unforgettable experience.


Day 1. Arrival to Paro, drive to Thimphu and back to Paro

Morning arrival by plane to Paro airport. ➜ Drive to Thimphu with stop at Tachog lhakhang to see traditional bridge made using ancient iron chains. ➜ After reaching capital, drive to the gigantic Buddha Dordenma statue overlooking Thimphu town. ➜ Then drop to Changlimithang stadium to see the archery, traditional sport of Bhutan. Matches are going on from the morning to the evening! ➜ Continue to central Clock Tower square and walk in Norzin lam street and see the traffic police signaling in junctions. Thimphu is only capital in the world without the traffic lights. ➜ Finish walk at handicraft market where many interesting Bhutanese souvenirs can be seen and bought for reasonable price. ➜ Late afternoon visit to monumental Tashichho dzong castle, the seat of the king and government. ➜ Evening drive back to Paro. ➜ Day's program is subject of arrival time.

Day 2. Paro

 Hike to Taktsang gomba (The Tiger’s Nest) is the absolute highlight of the tour! While the climb seems to be hard, it’s very rewarding. If you don’t feel so strong, you can cut it short in cafeteria with nice view of the temple. ➜ If you have spare strength, you might hike up to Zangtopelri Lhakhang to get birds-eye view of Tiger's Nest! You can consider hiking in the morning or early afternoon depending on weather, your fitness, and preferences. ➜ Also visit of the National Museum in Ta dzong, the watchtower protecting the Paro castle from intruders. ➜ Then descend to Rinpung dzong or “The castle on the heap of jewels”. Inside are local government offices and monastery. Scenes from famous Little Buddha film was shot here. ➜ Walk down to the old traditional bridge below the Paro Dzong. Here, you will have opportunity to try Bhutanese dress and take a beautiful photo with castle in the background! ➜ Continue to Paro airport viewpoint. Depending on schedule, you might see planes landing and taking off. Runway in Paro is famed as one of the most demanding of all World's International airports. ➜ Time permitting, visit Bondey's village Zangtopelri lhakhang, fabulous new temple with splendid decorations. ➜ Enjoy the last evening in Bhutan! ➜ Optionally the mask dance performance along with traditional dinner in the local farmhouse can be arranged.

Day 3. Departure

If time permits, you can drive to Drukyel dzong to see a freshly reconstructed castle and the summit of holy Jomolhari mountain in clear weather. ➜ After that, you depart from Paro by flight or take ~5 hours drive to land border in Phuntsholing.

What's Included

    • Bhutan visa/permit. 
    • Sustainable Development Fee. 
    • English-speaking guide. 
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 
    • Accommodation in 3★ hotels on double/twin sharing basis. 
    • Transportation in a comfortable vehicle with a driver. 
    • Entrance fees as per program. 
    • Photoshoot in Bhutanese dress.

What's Not Included

    • International flight tickets.
    • Drinks other than tea and coffee.
    • Optional activities. 
    • Tips, personal expenses and other unexpected expenses. 
    • Additional bank transfer fees or card payment fee.

🎁 Complimentary : Map of Bhutan given on arrival. Bottled water provided in the vehicle. 

Local SIM card with balance for data and call. 

Bhutan visit certificate to remember the tour.

🛌 Single room supplement: Odd participants needs to pay extra for single room arrangements.

Requirements for Bhutan Visa

  • Following documents are required for visa application:
  • Passport data page scan (full page, no cropping, all letters legible, even small one, no flares). Passport need to ba valid at least 6 months from the date of first entry.
  • Portrait photograph of passport format or selfie with white background.
  • Insurance confirmation document with coverage for medical expenses, repatriation, and accidental disability. We recommend Trawick International which includes all required and can be fixed in a few clicks.


1 person US$ 1025

inclusive of single room supplement

2 people: US$ 785 / person

3 people: US$ 675 / person

4+ people: US$ 615 / person

🛌 Single room supplement: US$ 45 / single room

For different number of people or modified tour program, please inquire.

Indicated costs might not be final and serves for overview only. After the inquiry and consideration of all circumstances, we can present you binding offer.

Trip facts

  • Price
    USD 615
  • Region
  • Activity
  • Duration
    3 Days
  • Grade
  • Max. Altitude
  • Group Size
  • Transportation
    Private Bus / Plane

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