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Nepal, rich in biodiversity is sanctuary for more the than 867 bird species. As well as tiny country’s different places are also seasoned breeding center for other bird species where several bird species from across the globe arrive at different parts of Nepal for the purpose of breeding. Because of the diversity on vegetation and environment country unfurls throughout the year like tropical, sub-tropical, lower temperate, temperate, sub-alpine, alpine and arctic to make country Nepal famed as land of Himalayas hub for avid bird watchers and ornithologist of all corners of the world.

Quench the passion for bird watching engaging on the bird watching tour with natural experience along proper guidance and narration of the experienced ornithologist who would take you to the different places famed as paradise for birdwatchers as well as haven for plethora of bird species.

Phulchowki: Phulchowki; hill of flowers is paradise for the birdwatchers which is the shelter for the large quantity of bird species around 300 that includes rufous-gorgeted flycatcher, rufous bellied niltava, yellow browed tit, chestnut headed tessia, red billed leiothrix, whiskered yuhina, besra bronzed, racket tailed drongos and many more. Phulchowki forest extended up to Godavari on lower slopes from Phulchowki hill on upper slopes is renowned destination foe birdwatchers of across the globe because of its set record of being the perfect viewpoint where highest number of birds can be viewed on the single day.

Godavari: Godavari Botanical garden nestled on the base of the Phulchowki hill is prominent habitat for many bird species. Botanical garden boasting more than 500 species of plants harbors environment to make the garden as perfect sanctuary for about 100 bird species along seasoned migratory birds and hub for the avid bird watchers to encounter diverse birds.

Taudaha: Taudaha is taken as best destination for birdwatchers as placid water lake nestled on outskirts of Kathmandu valley is refuge place for migratory water birds. Though 40 species of birds are recorded here and the most common migrators that can be witnessed on this lake are lesser whistling duck, common coot falcated duck, mallard, spot billed duck, common teal, northern pintail, ruddy shelduck, red crested, ferruginous, steppe eagle to name the few.

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