Mustang Motorbike Tour with Tiji Festival

Mustang Region is becoming a very popular destination for motorbike tour. Since I am also a motorbike enthusiastic, I had wanted to travel Mustang region in my bike. I have a Honda CB 350 RS and I felt the bike was capable to complete this trip. Before the trip I made sure my bike was in perfect condition by changing brake pad and having a small maintenance to make sure there was no problem in the bike. Once that was completed I packed by bags and made sure to have all the equipment ready for...

Guide For Trekking

Compulsory Trekking Guide from 1st April, 2023Nepal Tourism Board, the county’s national tourism promotion body, has decided to make a guide compulsory for solo or free independent trekkers (FITs) from 1st April, 2022. NTB has decided to implement this action due to the increasing safety concerns of trekkers during trekking in such remote himalayan regions. TIMS permit has also been made mandatory for all trekkers. The price of TIMS permit has also been increased to NPR...

Nilgiri and North Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Langtang Ri Trekking & Expedition and decided to explore Nilgiri and North Annapurna Base Camp for its annual exploration trek. The trek was planned for a total of 8 Nights where 2 nights will take place in night bus and the remaining 6 nights in Camping Tents. The trip consisted of 9 people including office representative, guides, porters and cook. We started the trip from Bus Park in Balaju for our bus ride of 3pm. We would travel to Lete from bus. The bus journey was 15 hours long. We...

Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2020

Langtang Ri trekking and expedition which has a long history in the Nepalese travel and tourism field has been awarded the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2020 for the excellent service Langtang Ri has provided for travelers, clients, and guests for 2020. Recently numerous travel and tourism have mushroomed in Nepal boasting them as a pioneering organization providing clients and guests service but sorry to say only a few of them have been able to keep a promise but the Langtang Ri trekking e...

Tourism in Nepal during Post-COVID period

Tourism in Nepal has now started since the start of the devastating pandemic of COVID-19, which had stopped all tourism-related activities. With proper safety measures and social distancing, tourism in Nepal will start to pick up from now onwards. Tourism will not be the same as pre-COVID-19 for few years but we would still like to welcome people to our beautiful country and enjoy the beautiful nature and wonderful and warm culture which will help you get over all the stress and tragedy broug...

Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit has been listed as the World’s Top 10 most incredible travel experiences

The world's number one travel guide publisher said in its latest ‘Ultimate Travel List’ that the Covid-19 has resulted in travel restrictions around the world and have clipped traveler’s wings through 2020. “But now is the perfect time to plan ahead so you’re ready for your next adventure when it’s safe to hit the road again.” “We’ve all got a list of places that we want to see for ourselves: places friends have enthused about, places we’ve read about, dreamed about. This is o...

Mountaineering Fee / Expedition

Mountaineering Royalty New Royalty (Effective from 01 Jan 2015) 1. Royalty for Foreign Climber per Person in American Dollar Table No. 8 S.N Mountain

NMA Peak Fee

SN Peak Name Region Cost/SeasonHeight Spring Mar-Apr-May Autumn Sep-Oct-Nov Winter Dec-Jan-Feb Summer Jun-Jul-Aug 1. Mt Cholatse Khumbu...

Festivals in Nepal

Nepal is a tiny country with enormous cultural diversity. This diversity springs from the many ethnic origins of its people, their many languages and customs and the mix of religions that have evolved and spread through villages and isolated mountain valleys. As a result, there is a saying that “there is a festival somewhere in Nepal every day.” In fact, this is a major underestimate. Festivals come in many forms – often noisy, vibrant spectacles that reflect a reverence for mythical...

Czech Climber returns light to a Nepal village

It is so common today for people to see the misfortune of others and yet turn their head away and just pass by. But yet there are still a few rare people with a caring and compassionate heart who will make a personal effort to address a misfortune they see. Langtang Ri is so very proud to have assisted two good friends from the Czech Republic, Mr Pavel Bem and Ms Libuse Barkova, who saw Nepali villagers suffering the effects of the 2015 earthquake and took it upon themselves to help...

Nepal is ready for you!

Everyone in Nepal has been very busy rebuilding. Now we are ready and keen to welcome visitors once again. The Himalayan Mountains are still there and their scenic grandeur is just as grand as ever. The air services, roads and trails are all working as normal. All our guides, porters and staff are also ready to help you explore Nepal by trek, tour, mountain bike or even paraglider. Nepal is open for business!Nepal needs to see you – soon! You might be thinking you would...

Mount Everest Trekking Options Nepal

The Mount Everest region and the Sagarmatha National Park is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places to walk on Earth. The region has such a diversity of landscapes, valleys, high mountain passes and Himalayan summits that it offers many different trekking routes by which it may be explored. Here we hope to introduce you to just a few of the main options.Location Mount Everest is locat...
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