Do you Know the Way to Mount Everest?


The trekking trail to Mount Everest Base Camp via Namche Bazaar The trekking trail to Mount Everest Base Camp via Namche Bazaar

Do you know the way to Mount Everest Base Camp?

Back in 1968 Burt Bacharach wrote a mega-hit song sung by Dionne Warwick called "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" With just a little adaption it could be a hit once again on the Himalaya Mountain trekking trails of Nepal. I can almost hear a chorus of trekkers singing acapella now:

Do you know the way to Mount Everest

I've been away so long I may go wrong and lose my way

Do you know the way to Mount Everest

I'm going back to find some peace of mind in Mount Everest

I can't wait to get back to Everest

If you do plan to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp it might be worth knowing some of the main ways to get there.

Where is Mount Everest?

Mount Everest is located on the Nepal-Tibet border in Nepal's Sagarmatha National Park just a short flight east of Kathmandu. The Base Camp sits in the Khumbu Glacier Valley below and to the west of Mount Everest. Almost all treks to Mount Everest Base Camp start with a 35 minute fright from Kathmandu to Lukla to the south of the national park. Unless you feel extremely energetic and adventurous you will start your journey, by whichever route, from Lukla.

There is more than One Route to Everest

There are a few routes that will either take you within sight of Mount Everest or all the way to Base Camp.

Glimpse of Everest - Short and Easy Treks

Direct Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

High Mountain Pass Challenging Treks

Combination Trek and Climb - Everest Base Camp and Island Peak

Glimpse of Everest - While some trekking is still required, unless you choose the helicopter option, it is possible to glimpse the summit of Mount Everest from the comfort of luxury hotel accommodation. It is possible to see the summit of Mount Everest from vantage points such as Thachok Danda which can be reached without even trekking as high as Namche Bazaar. This make viewing Mount Everest a very easy option for people with limited time.

Direct Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp - The direct route starts from Lukla and heads north via Namche Bazaar and then along the Khumbu Glacier Valley to Base Camp and take about 12 to 14 days to return to Lukla. Some solid days of walking are required, however, there will normally be at least two rest days on the outbound journey at help your body adjust the to the high altitude and reduce the risk of altitude sickness. So the trek starts at 2,800m altitude, over 9,000 feet at Lukla and reaches 5,300m or 17,400 feet at the Everest Base Camp.

High Mountain Pass Challenging Treks - The third and most spectacular and physically challenging trekking option is the extended trek to Mount Everest Base Camp via the Gokyo Lakes and the Cho la Pass. The trek heads due north from Namche Bazaar to the beautiful Gokyo Lakes region and then traverses the very high Cho la Pass as it heads over to the Khumbu Glacier Valley. This is a very challenging pass at an altitude of nearly 5,400m, or 17,700 feet and should only be attempted with the assistance of an experienced guide. However the experience and stunning scenery reward the effort this trek requires.

Combination Trek and Climb - The most popular combination is to trek the direct route up to Base Camp and on the return leg detour to Island Peak and climb, with the assistance of very experienced guides and support team, to its 6,189m summit before returning back to Lukla.

So now you know there is more than one way to Mount Everest. So start learning the song and contact us here at Langtang Ri very soon to book your trek via any route you choose.

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