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Updated Nepal COVID-19 Travel Advisory

Updated Nepal COVID-19 Travel Advisory

Mar 20, 2022
Lomash Dhamala


This blog page outlines our approach to managing the risk of COVID-19 transmission to clients, and the wider Nepal community, associated with international travel and travel within regional and remote Nepal. This page is regularly updated as government regulations change or our procedures need to change in response to the status of the epidemic within Nepal and overseas.

Visitor requirements set by the Nepal Department of Immigration

The most recent COVID-19 travel regulations for visitors entering Nepal was issued by the Nepal Department of Immigration on March 16th 2022. An English language PDF copy of the Travel Advisory Notice 13 is available below.


The key requirements for international visitors are:

    •    Be able to present a certificate of full COVID-19 vaccination on arrival.

    •    If this is not possible, provide a negative COVID-19 test result certificate within 72 hours of arrival in Nepal.

You can see the detailed changes below on the document posted by Department of Immigration or to follow the lastest travel advisory click on the link below:




Langtang Ri COVID-19 Risk-Minimisation Policies and Procedures

We strongly encourage clients to be fully vaccinations against COVID-19. In most instances this will comprise two initial vaccination shots plus a third booster shot. If six months has elapsed since your last shot you should consult your medical practitioner regarding the advisability, and availability, of an additional booster shot before international travel.

All Langtang Ri staff that you may be in contact with, in particular trek and tour guides and porters, are fully vaccinated, including booster shots.

If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 while in Kathmandu prior to departure on your tour or trek, Langtang Ri will arrange for you to undertake a PCR test. If the test proves Positive, you will be required to isolate in your Kathmandu accommodation until you test positive. All costs associated with testing and accommodation will be borne by the client.

Reduced lung function is a common symptom of COVID-19 infection. This can be particularly dangerous at altitude where oxygen availability is already reduced and breathing laboured. Langtang Ri staff are trained to recognise this risk to clients and act in the best interest of our client’s health.

While on trek or tour, your guide will carry a number of COVID Rapid Antigen Tests. If you feel unwell your guide will assist you in completing a test. If you test positive you will be required to isolate until a subsequent test returns a negative result. Your guide will discuss with you your condition and options. The two main options are to isolate on-location or return to Kathmandu. All costs associated with testing, accommodation and transport will be borne by the client. 

Langtang Ri tour and trek staff are in regular contact with our Kathmandu office and receive updates in any regional COVID-19 hot-spots. Itineraries and accommodation plans can be altered to minimise the risk of exposure to clients. Langtang Ri also selects accommodation providers that implement COVID risk-management procedures to protect their visitors.

Please contact Langtang Ri directly if you require any additional information regarding our COVID-19 procedures.



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