Why Langtang Ri ?

Why we ask you to consider experiencing the real Himalaya with Langtang Ri:

  1. With over 29 years of experience, we know every region of the Himalaya.
  2. We can guide you safely and professionally to every village festival, wildlife jungle, glacier valley, a high mountain pass, or icy summit.
  3. Our clients trust us and return again and again to explore more of Nepal with us.
  4. Many clients value our service so highly they return and seek our assistance to plan and conduct new tours, treks, and expeditions that take them to fresh adventures.
  5. We employ and train local Nepali people who know the real Himalaya.
  6. Your business with us supports the livelihood of many local families and lets us invest in professional, environmental, and language training that benefits and strengthen regional communities.
  7. We have been internationally recognized as one of Nepal’s best agencies by Lonely Planet and other guide books.
  8. Recognition by these respected guides requires years of dedication and performance to deliver the client referral and recommendations they base their assessment on.
  9. We value and protect the precious and fragile environment of the Himalaya and the culture of its diverse communities.
  10. Your business lets us invest our time, money, and personal effort in supporting environmental protection programs such as waterway waste and rubbish removal and community development programs such as village health clinics.


Langtang does not sell or rent customer names or other private account information to third parties, and we have no intention of doing so in the future. Subscribe with us to get emails regarding new packages and offers.