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There is common proverb “ to have best life balance between body and mind is needed” means there should be connection between the body and mind that could be attained from adventure sport mountain biking that teaches technique of balance between body and mind. Mountain biking on the trail that runs on the remote and peaceful places offering moments to enjoy the nature at its best along with chance to take refuge on the lap of the nature rekindles the ecstasy along with being supportive on maintaining balance between body and mind.

Mountain biking in Nepal confers opportunity to experience the rural Nepal escaping the paved and chaos roads flexing the muscles paddling the mountain bike along the rusty and mudslinging trail with the perception of the eye-catching scenery comprised of green meadows, terraced fields, rolling hills, dense forests blooming with seasoned flowers and the sweet melodious sound of bird and insects chirping makes the adventure relishing.

Langtang Ri offers wide array of mountain biking experience from short one to two days mountain biking journey that runs on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley with chance to explore the cultural heritage Kathmandu valley garners, to challenging mountain biking on Annapurna circuit as well as rain shadow region Upper Mustang. 

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Founded in 1991, Langtang Ri ithe world to experience the grandeur, beauty and mystery of the Himalaya region.
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