Trekking Overview

Trekking in Nepal can be many different things. Walks can vary from just a few days to a month or more. Treks can make maximum use of luxury and quality tea house accommodation along the route or perhaps tented camping under the stars high in the mountains. Treks can be on foot, on horseback, and even on mountain bikes. Trekking can take you to just about every valley, village, and high pass in beautiful Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan. And the pace of trekking is just perfect for taking in and enjoying the full experience the Himmilaya offers visitors.
Nepal has a range of trekking regions, the most popular and well-known are the Everest and Annapurna regions. The Everest region is in eastern Nepal while Annapurna is in the west. Another beautiful but less well-known trekking region is Langtang and the beautiful Langtang National Park is just a short drive north of Kathmandu. There are also more remote and challenging trekking areas such as Mustang and Dolpo where the physical challenges can be greater but richly rewarded by scenery and cultural experiences that few visitors get to see.
Many of the trails follow ancient trading routes traveling through pristine scenery, scenic river valleys, intricately terraced hillsides, and forested ridges connecting picturesque hamlets and mountain villages. Trekkers can walk along the beautiful trails or virgin tracks of green and welcoming hills and rocky high-altitude valleys. The colors change profoundly throughout the year. The alpine regions are blanketed in snow through winter and lower altitudes burst into bloom in spring and summer as Rhododendron forests bring color to the green and lush hillsides. Religion is very important to communities and is obvious throughout the mountains as you pass gompa, prayer wheels, fluttering flags, and carved sacred stones along mountain paths. Visitors are always warmly greeted by monasteries and the beautiful and charming local people.
There are so many places across the Himalaya you can explore by trek. Please take a few minutes to search our extensive range of treks compiled from our 25 years of experience in the region.

Trekking Grade Classification

Our treks are graded to indicate the degree of physical effort, fitness, or specialist skills they may require. Look for the grading in the “Key Trip Facts” section on each trek page.
Factors such as altitude and daily itinerary walking time are major factors. However, in some cases, climbing and rope skills may be required and potentially experience with snow, ice, and very cold weather may be required. These latter skills are particularly relevant to trek climbs such as Island Peak, Mera,                                 and other trekking summits. Expedition members are expected to have good skills and experience with high-altitude climbing and camping and have a very high level of physical fitness.

Grade 1 - Easy

This trip generally involves an average of 4 – 5 hours of slow but steady walking in a day. This rating is for less than 7 days walk below 3500 meters.

Grade 2 - Moderate

Moderate trekking involves 5 – 6 hours a day walking at a steady pace below 4000 meters for around 10 days trekking trip.

Grade 3 - Challenging

This grade includes climbing peaks and demanding treks in remote areas. Participants having basic knowledge of the use of crampons and ice axes are required. First-time climbers can undertake one of our one-day pre-trek ropes and climbing training days to obtain some initial skills and experience.

Grade 4 - Demanding

This trip grade involves trekking up to 7 hours a day below 5000 meters for the duration of a 10 -15 days trip. Any reasonably active person should be able to manage these trips.

Grade 5 - Strenuous

Strenuous i.e. among the hardest treks in Nepal, but still in reach of most people with good physical fitness and endurance. These trips go above 5000 meters and for the duration of 15 – 20 days, you are walking up to 8 / 9 hours in a day. They may also explore very remote regions where camping over multiple nights is required.

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