The High Art of Korean Dance in Nepal


May I Please Dance at Mount Everest?

When you run a trek and tour agency in Kathmandu, Nepal, you meet some of the most wonderful people from all around the world. While most people just conform to the trek or tour itinerary we design and suggest some amazing people want to add some truly amazing extras into their itinerary and Himalayan Mountain experience.

This was just the case a few weeks ago when we escorted a group of people from Seattle, USA, to Mount Everest Base Camp. On this occasion our guests were originally from Korea before migrating to the USA. In fact, the group comprised a number of traditionally trained Korean dancers who very much wanted to perform their art at the foot of Mount Everest. Of course Langtang Ri Trekking and Expedition said “yes, you can” and so we set about incorporating this amazing extra into their trek itinerary.

Traditional Korean Taepyeongmu or “Great Peace Dance”

Our guests very much wanted to dance the traditional Taepyeongmu or “Great Peace Dance” as it is believed to spread great peace over the surrounding lands. So where better to dance the Taepyeongmu than at one of the highest places people can walk to on Planet Earth – the stunning 5,550m vantage point of Kala Patthar high above the Mount Everest Base Camp site.

The dance group had previously performed this dance in 2013 at an altitude of 4,392m on Mount Rainier and again in 2014 at 3,743m on Mount Hood, both in the USA. However, the 5,550m performance on Mount Kala Patthar is by far the highest atitude the Taepyeongmu has been performed and will likely remain the record for years to come.

So, the Sagarmatha National Park, the entire Himalaya Mountain region and Nepal is now a better and more peaceful place following the amazing dance performance of our new Korean friends from the United States. We hope to welcome many more adventurous and artistic visitors to Nepal very soon. Perhaps an opera troop from Italy may like to perform next in the high Himalayas – we would love to arrange that and join the audience too.

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