Updated Chinese Visa Requirements

  1. Information regarding the office hour:

    Visa application submission days: Monday to Friday (except the public holidays) 9:00-15:00
    Collection time: Monday to Friday 12:00-15:00
    Email: Kathmanducenter@visaforchina.org

  2. Application Procedure:
    1. Fill application form online

      Presently Visa application form should be filled online. Click the link for the process of online application:https://bio.visaforchina.org/#/nav/quickSelection?visacenterCode=KTM2&request_locale=en_US&site_alias=KTM2_EN

      Please make sure each and every detail you filled is correct, otherwise you may fail to check and edit the application form online.
      All the information that the applicant filled in an application form should be correct and real. Any false or incomplete information provided by the applicant will be considered as visa fraud and will result in visa rejection or refusal of entry.

    2. Online Appointment

      Online appointment should be made after the completion of the filling all the information online. Click the link for the online appointment : https://bio.visaforchina.org/#/nav/quickSelection?visacenterCode=KTM2&request_locale=en_US&site_alias=KTM2_EN

      You can make an appointment, submit an application or interview, and cancel or change the reservation you have made.

    3. Submit your documents at visa center
      • On the date of appointment, applicants should submit the application documents in visa center along with other documents for the application of visa.
      • Applicants should entry fingerprint in person when submitting the documents.
      • Please present the appointment ticket to the staff in visa center and follow the instruction of the staff in center.
      • Please prepare all the required documents as listed below in proper sequence to make the process easy and faster during the application.
    4. Payment (QR code or cash)
    5. Visit the Visa center to collect the visa
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