Tourism in Nepal during Post-COVID period


Tourism in Nepal has now started since the start of the devastating pandemic of COVID-19, which had stopped all tourism-related activities. With proper safety measures and social distancing, tourism in Nepal will start to pick up from now onwards. Tourism will not be the same as pre-COVID-19 for few years but we would still like to welcome people to our beautiful country and enjoy the beautiful nature and wonderful and warm culture which will help you get over all the stress and tragedy brought by the virus

We would also like to point out that Nepal is the perfect travel destination in the current situation. Nepal offers some of the best adventure and nature-based activities such as Trekking and Mountaineering. Trekking in the Himalaya while camping would be the best way to enjoy your vacation while not being at risk of contacting COVID-19. Instead of visiting crowded cities and beaches, this could be the perfect time to get in touch with nature, especially the beautiful Himalayan range in Nepal.

You all may be wondering what the current process to visit Nepal is. First, you can apply for a visa from your home country or you can get a visa on arrival. Certain requirements have been added for acquiring a visa on arrival. The requirements are as follows:

  • COVID-19 negative result taken a maximum of 72 hours before arriving in Immigration in Tribhuban Airport, Kathmandu.
  • COVID-19 insurance worth at least USD5000.
  • Passport Photocopy.
  • Flight ticket copy.
  • Hotel booking confirmation.
  • Travel itinerary of your stay in Nepal.

All of these documents should be provided to the travel/trekking company who will plan your trip to Nepal. Travel/trekking Company can make the Hotel confirmation and travel itinerary if the trip and hotel are booked through the company. Once the company receives all of the documents, it will send all the documents to the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). Please note the company will also make a TIMS permit on your behalf as this is also made mandatory by NTB. After that NTB will provide a recommendation letter. We will send the recommendation letter to you and Nepal immigration. You will need to show this recommendation letter during immigration at the airport. With this, you will be able to visit Nepal for your next trip.

Hope to see you soon as our wonderful country of Nepal welcomes you for your next vacation.

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