26 June 2022

Mustang Motorbike Tour with Tiji Festival

Mustang Region is becoming a very popular destination for motorbike tours. Since I am also a motorbike enthusiastic, I had wanted to travel Mustang region in my bike. I have a Honda CB 350 RS and I felt the bike was capable to complete this trip. Before the trip, I made sure my bike was in perfect condition by changing the brake pad and having a small maintenance to make sure there was no problem in the bike.

27th March 2023

Guides For Trekking

Nepal Tourism Board, the county’s national tourism promotion body, has decided to make a guide compulsory for solo or free independent trekkers (FITs) from 1st April, 2022. 

4th January 2023

Nilgiri and North Annapurna Base Camp Trek

As Nilgiri Base Camp and North Annapurna Base Camp is not so popular with trekkers, it was a great opportunity for everyone in Langtang Ri to explore this hidden gem.

2th January 2023

Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2020

Langtang Ri trekking and expedition which has a long history in the Nepalese travel and tourism field has been awarded the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2020 for the excellent service Langtang Ri has provided for travelers, clients, and guests for 2020.

2th January 2023

Tourism in Nepal during Post-COVID period

Tourism in Nepal has now started since the start of the devastating pandemic of COVID-19, which had stopped all tourism-related activities.

26th December 2022

NMA Peak Fee

As per the decision of secretary level dated 2071/1/16, the insurance amount for sardar,mountain guide and high altitude walker fund is fixed as Rs 15 lakhs.Similarly, medical insurance is fixed as Rs 4 lakhs.Mountain Heli-rescue of 10000USD is also required.

28th December 2022

Mountaineering Fee / Expedition

The Mountaineering Royalty has been totally waived to those mountains situated on mid western and Far western development region of Nepal for 2070/04/01-2075/03/32 (16 July 2013 to 15 July 2018)

1st December, 2022

Festivals in Nepal

Festivals come in many forms – often noisy, vibrant spectacles that reflect a reverence for mythical events and beliefs or the power of religious deities that control and influence life both present and future.

May 28, 2015

Nepal is ready for you!

The Himalayan Mountains are still there and their scenic grandeur is just as grand as ever. The air services, roads and trails are all working as normal. All our guides, porters and staff are also ready to help you explore Nepal by trek, tour, mountain bike or even paraglider. Nepal is open for business!

Mar 24, 2016

Do you Know the Way to Mount Everest?

Mount Everest is located on the Nepal-Tibet border in Nepal's Sagarmatha National Park just a short flight east of Kathmandu. The Base Camp sits in the Khumbu Glacier Valley below and to the west of Mount Everest.

Jan 29, 2016

Safe Trekking in Nepal

For intending trekkers we always point out that there are a number of safety and risk factors that need to be appreciated and planned for before venturing into the remote and high altitude trekking trails of the Himalaya Mountains.

04 May 2022

Six Nepal Trek: But Which to Choose? (Part Two)

This blog continues on from the previous blog to provide you the list of the remaining three Treks that we regard are the best treks in Nepal.

28 April, 2022

Six Nepal Treks: But Which to Choose? (Part One)

What one person considers the “best” of something will commonly differ from the judgement of others. The answer to “which is best” is a case of personal judgement. Here we try and help you make a comparison and judgement of six of Nepal’s favourite trekking routes.

15 March, 2022

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Overview

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is not only one of the most popular trek in Nepal but it also regarded as one of the best treks in the world. The Trek takes you through various landscapes that makes every day a new and interesting journey.

20th October 2022

Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit has been listed as the World’s Top 10 most incredible travel experiences

For scenery and cultural diversity, this has long been considered the best trek in Nepal and one of the world’s classic walks.

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